Happy birthday Liam!

I met Liam’s momma while we were both getting our elementary education degrees at USF. We became pretty close and remained close for the last 6 years. I not only captured her maternity photos BUT I also captured Liam’s newborn memories. When Anna wrote to me that it was time to book his one year session I almost cried.

We all know how I love to share stories, SO this one is a doozy. Apparently this weekend at our location it was rum festival. So not only was it on the verge of raining, but there was also no parking and people everywhere. Once we got going though, we were on a roll. This sweet babe smiled 90% of the time and had an obsession with leaves. During the shoot we had a rooster that would not stop photobombing us! I swear he was in about 50% of the shots and the other 50% he was bee-lining right for the camera. When he finally decided to hop into a tree we decided maybe it was time to find a new location. HA! While L may not have noticed, we sure did. Little L wasn’t super impressed with cake or icing for that matter, and he made sure to show us by rolling his cupcake on the ground AWAY from him.


Liam has two teeth that he shows all the time, he is 28 1/2 inches tall and weighs in at 18 pounds. He LOVES dr.Seuss and is obsessed with Mickey (Aren’t we all though?). He LOVES french fries and his favorite thing is to laugh. He LOVES to sing songs and he has the most incredible curls and blue eyes you’ve ever seen. Happiest of birthday sweet Liam!


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