Tampa Couple Photographer | Rethinking my brand | Sara and Shane part 2

Hey there everyone!!

I have been dropping hints since about November that things were going to be changing over here at Kate Boggs Photography. Well if you have a minute, why not take a look around the website and see how much has changed.  I went back and forth for about two months on whether to change my name or to keep it and as of right now I think that Kate Boggs photography, my name, is where I need to be and stay. While my name hasn’t changed, my business and direction sure has. In the new year I will be taking only 2 family sessions a month, aside from November when I will be taking only 6. This is a HUGE difference from last year. Why the huge change? After this past amazing year, I realized fairly quickly that I was shooting my own family less and less and burning my creative side out. Aside from that HUGE reason, the second reason is pretty simple. I decided to refocus what I wanted to shoot!

In 2016 I will be focusing on Couples, Raw and Intimate shoots, and finally Maternity. Im keeping families intermingled in there because I adore my previous clients, just cutting them back. This is a fairly big shift for my business! I really hope that all of you will return and stick by me as I make this Crazy exciting transition!

What does this mean for my returning clients? BOOK EARLY! If you know you want to get on my calendar sometime in the year, book as soon as you know. Once I reach my maximum sessions for the year I won’t be taking anymore families.

Want to SEE how things are changing? Take a look at this session below. This sessions has so much emotion behind it. I have never been one to post memories of my clients sitting and all smiling at the camera. It has never really been my style. So I took a step back and re-evaluated what I wanted from YOUR sessions! I want to capture true emotions. I want to capture true happiness and love and laughs and smiles. That is where my heart is. I want to give you artwork to hang on your walls. I want you to see how amazing your family, your relationship, and your body is.
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Hey there and thanks so much for stopping by. Kate Boggs Photography specializes in capturing moments and freezing time. bringing you back and making you feel that special moment in that life all over again. Specializing in the intimate details of childhood, intimacy of couples, adventures of families and beautiful moments of maternity.