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Olivia and Crew

Rebranding is tough. you worry constantly about losing old loved clients but you are hopeful they will evolve with you. My style has definitely shifted over the years. I LIKE to think the it  gives variation BUT I’m ready to really shoot how my soul wants. How exactly is that you’re asking?  Well take a peek below to find out. When I ask myself what I want my work to scream, it is always moments, depth, richness and emotions. I want to take you back to that moment. I want you to think of a sessions with me as an adventure. I want you kids to leave and say “I had so much fun” I want your husband to say “I didn’t even feel like we were taking pictures.” That is my goal. In over to make my goal and your goal become cohesive, we need to trust each other with outfits, locations, and styles. Olivia trusted me 100%. She came to the studio, tried on dresses, and we narrowed it to 2.

When she showed up at out location It was bright sun and you will be able to tell that, BUT it didn’t even matter. WHY? because we creative moments and memories. Tryst me all of these go hand in hand. outfits, show movement and personality and texture, light gives the depth and richness, shadows draw our eye to light. and details make us remember to see things deeper. All of this to say that things are changing here. Kate Boggs Photography is changing. I want YOU to be a part of my tribe. I want to bring you into my KBP family and never let go. Take a peek below into what the new face of KBP will be all about.

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Hey there and thanks so much for stopping by. Kate Boggs Photography specializes in capturing moments and freezing time. bringing you back and making you feel that special moment in that life all over again. Specializing in the intimate details of childhood, intimacy of couples, adventures of families and beautiful moments of maternity.