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Let me take you back. Back 2 months ago. I photographed Ashleys gender reveal. It was epic, UNFORTUNATELY while I was chatting with Ashley about where to stand, the big surprise was revealed. it was sad, and tragic, BUT it couldn’t have happened to a better more laid back babe than Ashley. She legit took it all in stride and I knew then, that she was amazing and was THE PERFECT client for me. Fast forward to her maternity shoot. she came to me with a clear vision of mountain views. unfortunately, if you live in FL, you know that mountains are not a thing. BUT I was determined to find something perfect for her.

Not only did she wear incredible outfits but she also put her puppy Bear in an amazing flower crown. Her pup was PERFECTION in every way. While we did drive around to 4 different locations, I won’t lie, it was worth it. Ashley not only took my advice on what to put the two of them in but also what to do with her hair, which is always appreciated!

While I can’t tell you the exact location, more because we just drove around and she followed me, I can tell you it was everything she had hoped for and everything she had envisioned. Her gowns are borrowed from my client closet which are a mixture of Sew Trendy Accessories (click HERE) and Fillyboo. Honestly, the light was perfect, especially after having to cancel twice due to rain, BUT it was worth rescheduling. This sunset and those outfits and that babe? SWOON Check her out.

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