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Sometimes, while driving, I will mindlessly day dream about all of the locations I spot on the road. I drown out all of the music, all of the seat kicking, and all of the arguing over the last gummy they have. I get so far into these day dreams and sights that I start imagining what outfits I will put the kids in while capturing memories of their childhood. I can see the props, the baskets, the accessories, and the shoes. I imagine the light streaming in from over the treeline way off in the distance. ‘Maybe there’s a little river bed back there hiding’ is something I typically think. Usually there isn’t, after I google it, but that doesn’t change the day dream. Then I’m drawn back into reality, and traffic and that last gummy ends up hitting me in the back of the head.

Very rarely do I actually end up back at those locations, but this time something different happened. I was determined to get back to that location I had see so many times. It was all falling into place. I was on my way to south tampa for lunch and realized how close I was to the mall. So I popped in, shopped at h&m grabbed outfits, and hurried back to my spot. To be fair, by popped in, I mean strapped my kids, hysterically crying about how they ‘just wanted to walk mommy’ to the stroller and left the aisles behind us a total mess.

But it was happening! I got the outfits, was able to get pip’s hair in a cute pony and get beck dressed in something besides underwear, and we got there. Everything was exactly as I thought AND MORE. The light was yummy, the background was incredible, there were fallen trees, and trails and sunsets, and haze and clover filled grounds. Althought my kids aren’t the best at cooperating and listening to me, they did their thing, and I was there to witness pure childhood. Adventures were being had all over this hidden gem of a spot.

Needless to say I had to make a blog post about it. So here it is in all it’s glory, yummy light and all. Have the happiest of tuesdays babes.

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