In person
mentorship 1:1

Have you ever wondered how to get genuine interactions or how to work with your clients to get those gorgeous shots you have always drooled over? Maybe it’s the sun drenched dripping images with the yummy baby belly and the sun flares that have your heart swooning. Whatever it may be, let’s dive deep, start with coffee and questions, then meet our clients, work together to shoot a dream session, and end it all editing and talking over dinner. I want to see your jaw drop, eyes widen and mind be blown while we work together to bring your vision and dreams to life.

This all intensive 1:1 in person mentorship is $1050 and is 5 hours long. We will cover styling, interaction before, during and after with the clients, shoot alongside each other as well as discuss the entire flow of a session. after we will discuss a breakdown and critique of your work and run through a quick edit for some of the images.


mentorship 1:1

Can’t commit to a full in person mentorship OR too far from Tampa, Florida? That’s totally fine! let’s comb through your questions regarding client workflow, session workflow, posing prompting, editing and business help and get you right on the best path. A full hour of online one on one time with just me and you talking shop and getting to the nitty gritty of your business. I want to see you be the best you and cheerlead for you the entire way.

You have two choices with this awesome 1:1 FaceTime mentorship. The One hour costs $650 or the Two Hour is $1100 and both include access to my mentorship Facebook group afterwards for any follow up questions. Let’s get the fire burning deep inside you again and get those visions and dreams moving forward.

Love words

Where do I even begin with explaining how thankful I am for Kate’s advice and expertise in photography? When I booked a mentorship with Kate, I was really excited to learn ‘all the things’ but also wondered how we’d cram so much information into a one hour session. And that’s the thing, she totally crammed so. much. information. in that hour. So much needed guidance, support, direction and confidence crammed in that hour. She reminded me of who I am, pushed me to be a better photographer, and encouraged me to put my family first and how to do that within my business. She didn’t slow down or waste time. She gave and gave, and then after the session invited me to a Facebook group where I could continue to be guided and supported. I’m so thankful Kate gives the way she does because it’s apparent she cares about her mentee’s success too.

I used to shy away from maternity sessions and let those clients slip through my fingers, and now I’m like, ‘bring me all the pregos!!”. My confidence in maternity photography has truly grown, and my heart is focused so much more on client experience and styling and I’m so happy the hard work is showing off in my art. I truly owe it all to Kate and her mentorship! If you’re just starting out, book a mentorship… If you’ve got some experience under your belt, book a mentorship… If you’ve been successfully shooting for 100’s of years, book. the. dang. mentorship! Kate is the hype girl that truly loves photography and has encouraged me to always do what will better you and your business. I know she’ll encourage and support you in the same ways!