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Stephanie + Cam

So going to throw it WAY WAY back here to 2010. I met Stephanie when we both worked for an aftercare school program for elementary school kids. We were working the summer program and were camp counselors. Stephanie was in College and i was a sophomore in High school and immediately we connected. ALTHOUGH if you ask her, she will tell you she didn’t like me at first. Don’t believe her. She loved me from the first time she saw me. HA! Anyway, we have been friends ever since!

She move back to Tampa from North carolina AND Orlando and I couldn’t be more happy. Our babes are close in age, she’s right down the street and we see each other all the time. ANYWAY! When she reached out to ask about mommy and me minis i basically died. Shooting my oldest friend? On the beach? Heaven y’all. Anyway, check them out and drool!

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