Tampa Maternity shoot Kelsey

Do you know those online dating forums? Did you know that they have them for an abundance of other things as well? One of which is for pregnant mamas to meet up and talk about stuff. Although it seems odd, it couldn’t be further from that! When I was pregnant with my daughter, Harper, I met an absolutely amazing mama named Kelsey. We bonded immediately over all things creative and thought it was pretty awesome that neither of us wanted to find out the gender of our babes.

As time went one we realized that the chances of us drifting apart were nill, so we took our friendship one step further and she came to visit us in Florida. Of course it was amazing. We cooked, laughed, laughed, and cooked. I took her to disney and the beach, you know, things you must do while in FL. Then the following year I promised we would come visit her. In June of 2014 she found out she was pregnant, which was crazy exciting. Still didn’t want to know what she was having. Then we decided I should come see her in march of the following year.

Well that time came and I hopped on a plane and flew to Oregon, minus my family. I brought two outfits, 2 maternity gowns, and my camera. It was a whirlwind of a week and I was so sad to see it come to an end, BUT Not before we captured some amazing memories together! Now, her babe is here and these are really just memories, but in their place is a new baby girl! Welcome to the world sweet Zoe! I cannot wait to snuggle you! 🙂


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