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Courtney reached out to me with a HUGE deadline. She basically said “ill be in Tampa for these 3 days. can we make this happen?” Hopefully if you know me, you know my response was UM YEP! So while Courtney wasn’t able to come a week ahead to try on clothes from the client closet, she was able to come the morning of. Not only did they struggle with car problems on the way to my studio but they also went to the wrong address. as in a whole different city. BAHAHA!

Once all of that chaos was over we went met at the location to shoot. we could NOT have lucked out anymore. It was torrential rain 3 days before AND three days after but on THIS day? It was magic. Courtney brought her sister Olivia (Yep you recognize her all right. she was with Crew on my blog recently, click HERE to see!) Anyway, we had THE MOST fun shooting her session. I learned a lot about her, her sister, and their personalities, which is one of my favorite things.

Sometimes you ask your client to lay in a grassy patch that is full of flowers. sometimes your clients happily oblige. When they do it turns out for amazing pictures. One little tidbit that I love about this shoot was that Courtney had no issues laughing and smiling. did we get amazing serious picture? YEP! BUT we got better big belly laugh ones. Those one are some of my absolute favorites! for those of you that know, They played round and round the garden as kids and I absolutely wanted to capture that!

Want to dress like Courtney and Olivia? Borrow from my client closet! Its available to YOU!

Want to see more incredible images from their session? Check out my instagram for more from their session! Click HERE.


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