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| Jeri and the Traveling Dress |


Maybe a month ago I got asked to be in an amazing group of women who would share a dress. This dress would be styled differently by each photographer it would travel to. Before me, The amazing Gypsy dress was in Arizona with the ever talented Grace from Gypsy Soul Photos. She is the mastermind behind this project and got all of us together to envision it differently.


So here in Tampa, we have an amazing little place called Armature Works. If you haven’t gone yet, do it NOW. its an amazing little local eating hall with amazing food, atmosphere and lots of smiling welcoming faces. As soon as I got the dress i could SEE it there. I found an amazing model to help, enter Jeri. She was AWESOME. super chill and outgoing and up for ANYTHING! I asked her to stand in the MIDDLE of the hall with everyone around her and she did not hesitate. I asked her to stand in the middle of the road and she did not even blink. She was INCREDIBLE.


Of course no adventure in florida is complete without a little bit of beach action in there, am i right? The Gypsy dress made its way to the sandy shores of Tampa Bay. We danced in the tall grass, breathed in the salty air of the ocean, and trapezed on the hills beneath the airplanes. It really was a dream come true shoot.


Loved hearing what we did in the dress? Head on over to my girl Grace’s blog to read all about what she did with her turn of the Gypsy dress. Click HERE!

Want to buy the dress? Go on with your bad self and call Christina at Fahrenheit Tanning Tolleson (623)-643-9777! Or get their website HERE.

This is THE PERFECT dress to dress up for a session with me. Want more ideas? Coming at you girl. Click HERE!


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